Almost a cuck

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thickwives4bbc asked: Hot blog. As a cuck what name do you want bulls to call you? What do you want to call them? Ever wear panties? Who do you most wish knew you were a cuck so they could humiliate you?

Hmmm…some interesting questions.  I guess for what the bulls to call me, it would be white-boy.  Particularly if there were several there at the same time.  As for what I would call them, it would be Sir (and Ma’am for my wife).  As far as wearing panties, no I never have.  And not terribly interested in it, really.  As for who I wish knew, I think a couple of my wife’s friends.  That way they could all talk about me right in front of me.  And make fun of me and humiliate me all together.  Something along the lines of making me undress in front of all of them so they can see what little I have to work with while they make comments to each other and laugh. 

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wantmywife2 asked: Outstanding tumblr. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much.  I am enjoying yours as well.  :-)

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Just an observation…in almost all the pics and videos of women pegging men, the guys have small dicks.  Is it just that guys with small dicks are more likely to be subs?  Or do you think that there is something else to it?

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alphadog007 asked: So, what is the naughtiest thin you have ever done? What is your naughtiest fantasy?

The naughtiest thing we have ever done would have to be a tie.  There were the threesomes with Jay (talked a bit about earlier in my tumblr), and the night that I took my wife out and fucked her on the hood of our car while cars were driving by.  And that same night I had her bent over a wall looking out over the beach, separating it from the road (and we were on the road side of the wall).  Several cars slowed down to watch for a few seconds before driving off. 

As for the naughtiest fantasy?  I would have to say wanting to watch my wife pull a train.  Several well hung black studs fucking her one right after another.  Each filling her with cum.  With me “forced” to watch it all.  Then to have her afterwards.  My little dick swimming around in her stretched out and super cummy pussy.  And of course, her saying humiliating things to me the whole time.  :-)

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Another FINE lady with a gorgeous gaping pussy!  I would love to bury my face in there and eat for days.  And I’ll bet she wouldn’t even feel my cock if I tried to fuck her.  HUGE pussy!!!

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